CSV Generate Examples

Using the callback API

The parser receive a string and return an array inside a user-provided callback. This example is available with the command node samples/callback.js.

var generate = require('csv-generate');

generate({seed: 1, columns: 2, length: 2}, function(err, output){

Using the stream API

// node samples/stream.js
var generate = require('csv-generate');

var data = []
var generator = generate({seed: 1, objectMode: true, columns: 2, length: 2});
generator.on('readable', function(){
  while(d = generator.read()){
generator.on('error', function(err){
generator.on('end', function(){
  data.should.eql([ [ 'OMH', 'ONKCHhJmjadoA' ],[ 'D', 'GeACHiN' ] ]);

Using the pipe function

One usefull function part of the Stream API is pipe to interact between multiple streams. You may use this function to pipe a stream.Readable string source to a stream.Writable object destination. The next example available as node samples/pipe.js read the file, parse its content and transform it.

// node samples/pipe.js
var generate = require('csv-generate');

var generator = generate({columns: ['int', 'bool'], length: 2});

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